The Masters in Leadership for Sustainability Program is designed for emerging and experienced leaders who wish to deepen their capacity to catalyze change and transcend boundaries. This two-year program offers an innovative blend of week-long residential intensives (taking place in Vermont, Washington D.C., and the Bay area in California), interactive online courses, professional coaching, and an incredible network of faculty and professional affiliates. The program aspires to create conditions for all life to thrive and explores leadership practices that are inspired by the wisdom of nature and challenge forces of domination and oppression.



Black/Land gathers and analyzes stories about the relationship between black people, land and place.


For more than 30 years, Thousand Currents (formerly IDEX) has invested in more than 750 community-led initiatives in the Global South. Today, we are exchanging grassroots brilliance for lasting and transformative change, working with over 2 million women, small farmers, Indigenous Peoples, urban residents, sexual and ethnic minorities, and youth.